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The Orange County Workforce & Economic Development Division in conjunction with the Orange County Workforce Development Board analyzes workforce trends, in-demand jobs, career pathways and high-growth sectors in our region.

We produce labor market reports, articles and other content that focus on key workforce topics such as employment statistics, occupational projections and employers’ needs, wages and salaries. This data provides people and policy makers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Policymakers can broaden their understanding of the regional labor market to support policy decisions and inform the public.

  • Employers and businesses can use labor market trends to inform hiring decisions and employee retention plans.
  • Job seekers and students can explore high-wage opportunities in growing industries that align with their strengths, interests and values.
  • Career counselors and educators can use insights to help guide students and job seekers toward education, certification and skills needed to grow in a career pathway
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