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Training Programs

Preparing job seekers to succeed at the workplace is a service we provide to Orange County businesses. We help job seekers leverage training opportunities to improve their chances of securing vacant positions that require special technical abilities and important soft skills. Some of the training opportunities we facilitate include:

On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

Are you a small business willing to train Work Ready Candidates?

OJT helps employers offset the cost of training new employees on-the-job. 


Employer Benefits include:

  • Reimbursement up to 50% with potential of up to 75%

  • No cost recruitment assistance

  • Train Eager-to-Learn employees YOUR way

  • Reimbursable training period up to 12 weeks

If you are interested in participating in the OJT program, please complete the Employer Pre-Screening Application and submit to

Customized Training (CT)

CT reimburses employers up to 50 percent of the training costs associated with training perspective (new) workers or existing workers. Employers determine the type and duration of the training.

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

IWT provides both workers and employers with the opportunity to build and maintain a quality workforce. IWT is designed to meet the needs of an employer or group of employers to retain a skilled workforce or avert layoffs. IWT can also be used to obtain the skills necessary to retain employment, such as increasing the skill levels of employees so they can be promoted within the company and create backfill opportunities for less-skilled employees.

Please contact our Business Services team at to discuss your employment and training needs.

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